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  1. Web site Control: PHARMASERVE CORP. LLC. (“”) controls this website. We are concerned with giving you prescription fulfillment services that is quick and very effective. We do this by effectively handling your prescription requests. To make easier, customers request for pocket friendly medications we partner with properly licensed pharmacies and dispensaries in several jurisdictions, in Canada too and across the world. is not a pharmacy.
  2. No Advice: with respect to medical Advice, treatment and diagnosis, please make sure you always get advice from a medical doctor, please do not rely on any information on the web site for the purposes mentioned above. All of the information you are given at website are only for information purposes. They are not to be replaced for medical specific advice. Before you make use of any product, please take care to read the labels, the fulfilling pharmacy and/or dispensary and information given by the manufacturer of the product.
  3. Prices: All our drugs are subject to change in prices at any time, we reserve the right to deny any requests to price match. We retain the right to change all our drug prices, without giving any notice.
  4. Collecting Information: To handle/ take care of your requests, will compulsorily collect your personal details, these details will be sent to particular third parties. It is necessary for every customer to enter a customer agreement, forming part of the placement process, this is to set up your customer’s account. Our Privacy Policy is to take care of all your personal information held by, also you agree to these terms and conditions when you provide your Personal details to
  5. Excluded Transactions: when we provide products or services information/details on our website, it shows that we have those products accessible for sale through licensed pharmacies and dispensaries under agreement with to suitable patients. It does not in any way express an offer to sell these services or products. It is when we are to sell a product, we decide the terms and conditions that applies to such product or service. In the event a product or services advertisement, requests or notice for sale are viewed to be illegitimate, holds the right to refuse a customers’ request for such services or products. Without restrictions to import laws, regulations and limitations operating in their jurisdictions, it is the responsibility of every customer using the web site, to ensure responsible obedience to all applicable laws.
  6. User Names and Passwords: The use of a username and password is adequate proof of identity to grant consent to gather particular information from you, and deal with your request for products or services. The username and password of every customer is to be kept private and confidential, the use of his/her created customer account is the responsibility of every customer. Third parties should not use or have access to customer’s usernames or passwords, accessing a customer’s account should only be done by the recognized customer. A customer should straightaway inform PharmaServe if a customer’s username or password has been revealed to a third party, so that we can shut down such account.
  7. Limitations of Service: in the event you are not able to access website or for any reason, in processing your transactions you experience any delays, we will not be held responsible or admit liability for any loss, costs damage or otherwise that occurs. The availability of website is on as it is basis.
  8. Disclaimer: in respect of the website gives no express or implied representations or warranties, and refutes implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, completeness, usefulness, reliability and accuracy. takes appropriate steps in handling your requests through your customer account, and through our toll-free telephone number and toll-free facsimile number. We also take reasonable steps in protecting our website. You agree to bear alone all the risk related with the use of the website. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL BE LIABLE FOR INTERRUPTED SERVICES, USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE WEBSITE, DAMAGES THAT HAPPENS TO COMPUTER SYSTEMS, OR OTHERWISE, WHICH RESULTS IN INCIDENTAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.
  9. Disclaimer: Mounjaro from Canada comes in vial form and requires administration with a syringe. A prescription for a syringe is required if your physician is practicing in DE, TN, FL, or the Virgin Islands. Please ensure that you include it with your Mounjaro prescription.
  10. Intellectual Property: either entirely or partially, all trademarks and content of the website should not be reproduced in any form or copied. All trademarks and content are used under license by
  11. Links: Please bear in mind third party sites may be regulated by their third parties terms of use and privacy policies. We do not by the inclusion of linked website on our website suggest approval or endorsement of such website ourselves., is not responsible for contents, opinions stated or accuracy of third-party websites, though we may provide links to these sites. It is at your risk, you at any time decide to leave our website and access third party sites, such websites are not supervised, scrutinized or verified by us for completeness or accuracy.
  12. Termination of Customer Account: holds the right at any time to halt your customer account.
  13. Severability: if in any jurisdiction, any provision of this website’s policy, is adjudged, either unenforceable or invalid, in that jurisdiction such provision will be non-operational, to the degree of such unenforceability or invalidity. The rest of the provisions shall remain in full force, and not invalidate or affect in anyway the remaining provisions of the website policy. The unenforceable provisions will be excluded from the entire document.
  14. Entire Agreement: in reference to all the subjects taken into consideration, this website Use Policy with PharmaServe acts as a legally binding agreement.
  15. Amendments: on regular basis, it is the responsibility of the website users to check the website use policy, as reserves the right to modify from time to time the website use policy. Notice of any of such revisions or modification will be given on the website.
  16. Age of Majority: All users of this website must have attained the majority age, in all applicable jurisdictions, have the legal capacity to take decisions about his or her own health care, and enable them create a customer’s account and use the website.